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Volunteer's Corner

Madison Home was founded by volunteers and is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The board members comprise a broad spectrum of Madison County residents, representing faith-based institutions, civic, health, and educational services.


It was established by volunteers to gather their resources and services on a centralized platform & share these services and goods for helping vulnerable community members with special emphasis on serving disabled friends and the homeless. Our volunteers help shelter the homeless and feed them in local churches, religious institutions, and motels during the coldest months of each year from December 15 to March 15. 

Madison Home's mission includes assistance for low-income housing and employment, mental health and drug rehabilitation, food assistance/food pantry and clothing, etc.

Please meet some of our volunteers! We are truly blessed to have these highly motivated and selfless individuals as our volunteers.


Sarah Durbin; Volunteer, & Teacher!


As a volunteer for Madison Home, my biggest contribution is the organization of all donations in our supply room. We have been generously blessed by local church groups, individuals,s and businesses with clothing, coats, shoes, and personal supplies for the winter season.


I have a group of 6 individuals who volunteer 1 night a week to see to the needs of our clientele. The work I do with MH is more a blessing to me than those that receive our love.


Jennifer Brubaker; Volunteer, & "Warden"


My name is Jennifer Brubaker, a volunteer of Madison Home Inc. I help to manage and implement the Winter Sheltering Program which helps those who are experiencing homelessness.


I arrange for client/guest basic needs and work with other community resources to address specific, individual needs of our guests. I write and implement house rules, procedures and expectations for our program to ensure a positive, safe and healthy experience. I participate in public and community outreach events, fundraising and manage our social media accounts on Facebook. I am grateful for the wonderful group of volunteers who donate and sacrifice their time to help in this mission. Thank you!

Jane Jordan, DMD

Volunteer,  Secretary
My name is Jane Jordan and I love volunteering in the community. I am the secretary for our board of directors but my primary role is coordinator of the meal program for our homeless.

I work with churches and individuals who are willing to provide meals. I organize our meal schedule and work closely with our church “contacts “. Each church provides several volunteers to serve, resulting in a large network of caring people.

Even after our winter shelter program is finished, these volunteers continue to feed the hungry at lunchtime. This lunch program started in March 2020 and will continue due to all of our wonderful volunteers.
What a blessing!


Jamie Jordan; Volunteer, the main inspiration for the warm places for the homeless!


I'm Jamie Jordan and I work as Director. I'm blessed to be a part of this wonderful team of people that have seen the need in Richmond, and have stepped up to meet it.


In this season of the winter shelter, I am coordinating the shelter program. I also assist with other responsibilities as needed.


Melissa Slone; Volunteer, Assistant Director

My name is Melissa Slone and I serve as Assistant Director of Madison Home.  I have over 15 years of experience in the field of Social Services,  which includes an extensive background in IDD Services, Child and Family Services, and Substance Abuse. My role at Madison Home involves many responsibilities including writing and implementing policies and procedures, implementing safety protocols, overseeing our various services and programs, and serving as a liaison between our shelter, community members/organizations, emergency personnel and our local government.  Being a part of this organization has been a blessing and I’m committed to showing our unhoused population and most vulnerable community members the love of Christ. 


David & Jill Silver;  Pioneer of Homeless project!


We are Jill and David Silver, volunteers with Madison Home since the early planning stages, three years ago.


We are responsible for registering and keeping track of all of those who come to Madison Home due to homelessness. In that role, we reach out the community in search of other volunteers to work n the "office" to carry out actual registration and verification of each individual or couple seeking a warm, accommodating place to spend the night.

IMG_5839 (1).jpg

Virgil Gardner. Pioneer of Homeless project!

Rev Virgil Gardner is very thankful to be a board member of Madison Home, and has been a volunteer since the program started in Richmond when we were formally Room in the inn


Iit's one of the greatest accomplishments in my ministry helping folks that are in need.

odating place to spend the night.

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