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Items needed! Thank you Madison County and Richmond Community! October Greetings and Updates

We have received several messages about donating items so we decided to take an inventory and make a list yesterday. Thank you friends for your willingness to help and donate! Below are things we still need. IF It is not listed below that means we have plenty or have a source who is already supplying the items. Please bring donations to our our location at 105 5th Street, Richmond (Across from Library) on Saturday, November 6th from 1:00pm-4:00pm and Sunday, November 7th from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Thank you!

Here’s What Is Needed:

Clothing & Winter accessories

1. Winter Coats ( men and women all sizes)

2. New Underwear for Men and Women (all sizes) Long Underwear (long johns) in all sizes.

3. Jeans (especially for men in lower waist sizes like ————- 30, 32,34 and 36- height can vary)

Jeans/ Pants in Ladies sizes (8,10,12,14,16)

4. Gloves

5. Hoodies, Sweaters and sweatshirts (all sizes men and women)

6. Backpacks

7. Boots/Winter Shoes/Sneakers (no dress shoes)

Hygiene Items Needed

Deodorant (men and women)


Shaving Cream

Nail Clippers

New Combs and Brushes/ hair clips etc

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Tissues (travel packs)

PPE: (COVID19 Supplies)

Masks (disposable)

Medical Disposable Gloves

Lysol Spray (Disinfectant Spray)

Lysol/Clorox Cleaning Wipes

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