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Old Armory update, July 19; the City administration believes that it is not a viable option anymore.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Update: July 19, 2021: The city administration through an email, has informed the MadisonHome, that it does not see how it can make it work for the MadisonHome, Inc.


Richmond Register reported that during the February 2021, meeting of the City Commission, “the commission had an open discussion about leasing the old armory building, located on Second Street”

Robert Minerich, the City Manager, stated that, “a new organization, called MadisonHome, would lease the property to transition the armory to a community resource center. Although the group is awaiting a non-profit distinction, their organization would include inside the armory building a mental health clinic, healthcare clinic, clothing and shoes booth, a homeless shelter, mortgage and rent assistance booth, a job training room, food assistant booth, and an addiction treatment clinic”.

“This is a great idea, and it has come along much quicker than expected and that is a good thing,” Minerich said. “The armory has been sitting vacant for many, many years and this group has big ideas about the future of it.”

According to Richmond Register Minerich stated that, “ it would not hurt the city’s chances to go ahead and lease the property and let them do renovations to the building, which would move along and heighten the chances of receiving a Community Block Development Grant to assist with the services the group plans to offer”.

The MadisonHome, Inc. is legal name of the organization, that is registered with Kentucky secretary of State since 9/19/2020 as Non-profit organization number 1113450. MadisonHome is physical structure for housing residential and non-residential components of MadisonHome, Inc. The MadisonHome, Inc. (The Organizational Entity) would be subclassified as enumerated Departments and the MadisonHome (The Physical Entity) would have corresponding Departments at the physical location. Each organizational department would be managed (Managers) by one or more board members (with the title of Director in bylaws of the organization), and a cadre of volunteers. However, entities that would deliver medical, psychological/psychiatric, and counseling services, would be labelled as Clinics, and would be managed by their respective clinical staff. These organizations would operate under their own state and federal licenses and solicit their own grants from government agencies.

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