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Homelessness is an endemic issue and can result from poverty, catastrophic medical illnesses, long waiting lists for affordable housing or release from incarceration or medical facilities, etc. This has become a more acute problem during the recent inflation, pandemic, and societal pressures including the drug epidemic.


MadisonHome is a centralized and unified platform for the cooperation between all the major churches in Richmond and Waco in addition to other religious, civic, and community organizations, to help the homeless -with multiple interconnected vulnerabilities-, and the general community to prevent future homelessness. Multiple organizations furnish services at the 105 Fifth Street location in Richmond, KY.


It is a community-wide effort for fundraising, soliciting grants, accepting donations, and managing day-to-day activities, as listed on the online daily calendar on the main webpage. 

Volunteers of MadisonHome arrange short-term and long-term housing, assist in seeking employment, and distribute food and clothing. 


MadisonHome, Inc. has been registered with the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a non-profit organization to spearhead and coordinate this effort. It has been approved by IRS as a tax-exempt public charity.

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