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Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless on any given day! Help us provide them with shelter and enough to eat now. And then stay around to help us mitigate future homelessness.

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At MadisonHome, we believe that it is quite possible that we could all be homeless one day. Ending the existing homeless on a permanent basis does not have a simple or straightforward solution. Survivors and advocates agree that ending homelessness requires systematic change. We hope to mitigate circumstances that trigger homelessness and prevailing circumstances that perpetuate homelessness. We work with city and county agencies to advocate need for a dedicated and permanent homeless shelter.


Our Community Resource Center at the 5th, provides food, clothing, assistance with personal hygiene, housing, transportation to the indigent population of the county, in addition to mental health counseling, and drug rehabilitation assistance. It also acts as an emergency shelter for winter months (December 15 to March 15) and during colder temperatures. Our Transitional Living Program provides direct shelter, supportive services, skill building and training designed to promote successful transition to self-sufficient living and permanent housing to homeless men, women and /or families in Madison County. The program is designed to provide transitional living for 6-9 months.


We have volunteers to help and you can also join our cadre of volunteers to do your part. Remember that most people are only one missed rent or or one missed salary payment away from becoming homeless! 

Community Resource Center

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