in person

You can also donate in person at the physical address of Madison Home: 105 Fifth Street, across Madison County Public Library.


Please call to make sure that we are open and one of our volunteers in available to greet you! You would be issued a receipt of tax-deductable donation.

by mail

Write a check to MadisonHome, Inc. and mail your check to 

PO Box 1043, Richmond, KY 40476

We'll mail you the receipt of the tax-deductable donation.



We’re all busy. We are focused on our jobs or have obligations to our kids and parents. All true but to sleep better at night, we all need to volunteer. Don't believe us? Go out and check.  A growing body of evidence suggests that people who give their time to others may have lower blood pressure and longer life span. You can choose your hours and your favorite activity. Just remember that we get more out of it than we give! Just drop us an e-mail


Solo fundraisers are great but event fundraising campaigns are better! In event organizers you to know other kind people who are passionate about what you do or meet new potential donors to act as ambassadors by inspiring them.